Denta Seal Toothpaste

How to use Denta Seal

How to use Denta Seal

Whitening and remineralizing toothpaste Denta Seal to use very easily as other cleaning agents for care of teeth and gums. To achieve maximum effectiveness from the use of paste, it is important to observe requirements and recommendations specified in the instructions to the tool:

  • squeeze need very little funds on a pre-wetted brush;
  • clean need 2-3 minutes scrubbing movements from gums to teeth center;
  • to clean plaque need also to do a soft circular motion;
  • after use you need to spit out the remains of tools and thoroughly rinse your mouth with sufficient amount of water;
  • procedure needs to be repeated in the morning upon awakening and evening before going to sleep.

To see a clear effect, you must apply Denta Seal for at least 4-5 weeks. If you have serious problems with tooth enamel or gums, you can replace the main means pasta that have a beneficial effect on the General condition and health of the oral cavity.

The composition of the remineralizing paste includes only safe ingredients that do not cause allergic reactions, so to apply the remedy can people of any age and gender (including those with sensitive teeth). Have Denta Seal no contraindications, the tool does not have side effects.

Extremely rare (less than 0.3% of cases) people have an individual intolerance of hydroxyapatite and papain, in such situations, it is advisable to refrain from the use of toothpaste.