Teeth whitening at home — 5+ ways, which prove that it is possible

Natural tooth color can be from white to yellowish, but, regardless of the original shade of the teeth can obscurent or change color for several reasons.

Color changes can be of several types: superficial, penetrating, or age.

Surface changes occur due to eating foods that would stain the top layer of enamel.

It can be tea or coffee, chocolate or products that are intensely colored with synthetic dyes.

Very often the composition of these products have components which are not simply painted enamel, but also contribute to the formation in it of microcracks, which also affect the hue of your tooth surface. smile</1_img>

Penetrating changes in the color of the enamel occur due to prolonged teeth contact with substances that can destroy paint and enamel.

The most frequent example of this scenario is darkening of the enamel of smokers.

Age-related changes, as you might guess, the result of the influence of all the above factors, plus the natural abrasion of the enamel throughout life.


It should be noted that age-related changes are not associated with any particular age — they may appear someone in old age, and someone- in his younger years.

It all depends on lifestyle, genetic predisposition, frequency and thoroughness of oral hygiene.


Is it dangerous to bleach your teeth?

Not to say that there is absolutely safe and atraumatic method of lightening teeth.

However, this is understandable, because the accumulated on the surface of the plaque to soften and remove, and therefore, the effect of real effective composition you want-not should have, at least to some extent aggressive properties.

There are categories of people for whom whitening is contraindicated.

Primarily these are patients with:

  1. extenuantibus enamel
  2. Caries
  3. Intolerance or hypersensitivity to substances that are used in the procedure
  4. Increased sensitivity teeth
  5. The seals in visible areas of the tooth (or after bleaching, fillings have to be replaced by a lighter so they don't opponitur with the rest of the teeth)

Often problems arise not from the treatment and from improper actions of the person after it.

It is important to remember that the enamel, though durable, needs care.


And if you want to save her health and white for a long time, exposure to aggressive staining agents (tobacco, coffee, tea, acidic juices) should be minimized, and it is better to completely eliminate.

Best recipes for home whitening without any damage to enamel

Speaking of home teeth whitening, we mean the procedure of bleaching enamel as teeth whitening is the effect on the teeth aggressive substances that don't just change the color of the enamel, but also hurt her.

Clarification, the process atraumatic, completely safe and only affects the surface of the teeth.

Of course, radically change the tone in the case, home remedies will not work, but the value of such methods in other, namely in reducing impact.

But if you are sure that your teeth are generally healthy, and filling without defects, you can try to lighten the enamel of your own.

Keep in mind that the effect will be gradual and not so bright, as after the medical procedures.

A dense layer of obsolete plaque folk remedies are unlikely to be able to master.

Do not trust messages with photos on the forums telling about the teeth whitening at home without harm to the enamel at once in several colors — it's impossible.

The effect will be gradual and brighten the enamel will only be 1-2 pitch.

Method Neumyvakina

According to the instruction of the famous Professor, it is required to take a half teaspoon of baking soda and mix it with 15 drops of hydrogen peroxide and 2-3 drops of lemon juice.

This mixture is recommended to wipe the teeth and gums.

According to Neumyvakina, the composition has a disinfecting, vulnus sanitatem and obshcheozdorovitel'noy effect.

However, after analyzing the composition, it is easy to understand that all matter has a very aggressive effect on enamel, and to use this technique with caution.

Lemon juice</3_img>

Online you can find a lot of reviews about recipes with baking soda about the teeth whitening at home without harm to the enamel.

Most of them are somewhat exaggerating the effect of baking soda in the whitening, because its main action is abrasive.

That is, you simply Poloniae surface of the tooth, removing plaque. Of course, the teeth then become lighter, but not dramatically.

Whitening toothpaste and brush

Those who do not want to prepare compositions, it may be advisable to buy special equipment to whiten your teeth at home without harm to the enamel of the teeth and in the form of pastes or gels.

Before using be sure to ask how often you can use them, as such funds have increased abrasiveness, and is not intended for use every day.

Also, a good option may be the use of dealba toothbrushes.

These brushes are often provided with rubber inserts, which are well cleaned tooth or are composed of chemical elements, which softens the plaque.

However, the use of such brushes constantly or very actively not worth the risk of damaging the enamel is quite high.

Chemical cleaning strips and mouth guards

What are the means for chemical bleaching at home?

That's a mouth guard with gel filling or strips that are applied to the teeth.

The active chemical components of these drugs lighten the enamel quite effectively, however, it is important to remember that to choose such means need only with the dentist.

Self-use can do more harm than good.

A properly fitted whitening strips can give excellent results — this is evidenced by the numerous reviews of people who have tried to imagine this method of home bleaching tooth enamel.

Chemical method</4_img>

The ideal option is to contact your dentist with a request to make for you personal albentes Kapu and clearly write a schedule of its use.

The only way you will be able to minimize the risk of negative side effects.

Coal bleaching

Coal is often used in toothpastes, and thematic forums are full of reports about how good crushed activated charcoal on the enamel.

Coal is used in the whitening just mash a few of the usual tablets of activated charcoal and causing the resulting powder to the brush (and finger), RUB it into the surface of the tooth, polishing it.

In fact, experts refer to the "carbo" method of skeptical, as to give truly impressive results in a short time he can not.

However, this method can easily be called a leader in safety. Teeth whitening at home coal really is no harm to the enamel. Of course, if you don't abuse and not rubbing teeth with coal paste for half an hour every day.

Honey-salt mixture

Mix honey and salt to a state of pulp, apply the composition on the teeth and gently massaging for 2-3 minutes. Then accende intus stupam mouth with water and extergimus teeth with a cotton pad moistened with hydrogen peroxide.

Tea tree oil

Essential tea tree oil — another simple and safe method of bleaching. Use it after normal cleaning, just putting on the brush a few drops of oil and rubbing it in the teeth and gums. As with any other procedure, there is a recommended frequency, to exceed which is not necessary to use oil not more than 2 times a week.


Lemon peel is used to lighten very simple — a piece of peel massaging teeth for 2-3 minutes, then leave for 3-4 minutes and accende intus stupam mouth out with water a comfortable temperature. Repeat this every day for weeks.


In addition to special tools, there are products that can whiten your enamel with regular use. First it's apples, lemon, strawberry and strawberry. Good for teeth is also boiled corn on the cob, raw carrots, stem celery and other juicy and hard vegetables. In modern dentistry there are many painless ways to bring teeth into order


Medical ways to whiten enamel

If you are determined to use medical methods to whiten your teeth, carefully weigh all the arguments "for" and "against". Because these procedures can cause issues with teeth sensitivity, thinning and brittleness of the enamel, the need to constantly repeat the bleaching procedure. Also get ready for the ban on the use of any brightly colored foods or liquids, otherwise your smile can be not white, and, for example, as orange juice, which you love. To whiten enamel dentists use ultrasonic cleaning, whitening concentrated solutions of acids or hydrogen peroxide, mechanical using a mixture of air, water and scouring powder under pressure and even laser whitening. Fairly popular photobleaching procedure —of teeth polishing followed by coating of special lacquers for fluorinating teeth. To choose the best method of teeth whitening for you can only be a dentist. I will advise you to use the most simple, effective and completely safe method of whitening your teeth at home —to properly brush your teeth and tongue twice a day.